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Wellness Programs

Centurion supports you in your total health and wellbeing, and believes that you should take responsibility for personal choices that may impact your health status.


Earn the Wellness Premium Credit and pay less for your medical insurance by completing an annual wellness exam by November 30 with your physician. The exam is covered 100% by all Anthem medical plans if performed by an in-network doctor. There is no paperwork required to receive this benefit—Anthem will automatically notify Centurion when you fulfill this requirement and complete your wellness exam. The premium credit will apply to your medical costs for the upcoming plan year. The wellness premium credit will be applied via payroll deductions.


Centurion encourages participation in ongoing fitness and weight management programs designed to promote your overall health and wellbeing. If you participate in a fitness-related facility or weight management program, you may qualify for our Wellness Activity Subsidy. The Wellness Activity Subsidy is available for benefit-eligible employees working at least 30+ hours per week and will help cover 50% of the cost (up to $200) of your fitness or weight management program per year.

To qualify, you must have participated in a program to improve your overall health and have been in an active full-time status for at least three consecutive months. Deadline for submission is June 30 of each year. To find more information, please go to the Benefits page of Centurion Central.


Anthem offers disease management programs to help members manage chronic conditions. If you are enrolled in an Anthem medical plan, an Anthem representative may contact you to help you manage your chronic condition. Their goal is to help you improve your health. This service is confidential and no personal information is shared with Centurion. You can decline participation in this program at any time.