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Consider Becoming a Centurion Health Dental Professional

Are you looking for a dental practice environment different and perhaps more meaningful than the traditional community office practice – an opportunity to have a powerful impact on the lives of your patients that goes beyond basic dental care? All too often those who need dental services the most have little to no access to care due to funding issues. Centurion Health is a leading national provider of medical, dental, and behavioral health services to incarcerated persons who have had little to no access to dental care prior to their incarceration.

The Life of a Corrections Dental Professional

Centurion Health operates to provide healthcare services to those living in correctional and other governmental settings nationwide. Unlike healthcare jobs in the public sector, a career in correctional dentistry allows you to serve a population that is desperately in need of your services and will greatly appreciate your expertise.

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A More Rewarding Career

Centurion Health contracts with various correctional agencies across the country to provide oral health services and offers dental professionals of all disciplines uniquely rewarding practice opportunities. Centurion Health has a place for you. Centurion Health offers a variety of rewarding dental jobs in unique settings, from dentists to dental assistants and dental hygienists. Our dental services go beyond restoring oral health, they restore lives. Start a more rewarding career by joining TeamCenturion.

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A Need for Dental Professionals

Did you know that more than 95% of incarcerated persons will return to the community? The health and rehabilitative services they receive while incarcerated have a key impact on their success when they return to the community. Most dental professionals are not aware of the need for dental services in correctional settings, or that thousands of dental professionals serve their community by working in correctional settings providing much needed dental services to a population that has often had little to no access to oral health services prior to their incarceration

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Be Part of The Solution

Centurion Health strives to solve the broad societal challenges that lead to high levels of incarceration. Often, it is inside a correctional facility where many persons finally receive the proper diagnostic and treatment services they so desperately need. The demand for healthcare services in correctional settings is high, and most patients embrace the services offered to them. As correctional healthcare professionals, we believe we are serving where our services are needed most.

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A Great Need

Over 2 million individuals annually are incarcerated in prisons and detention centers across the United States. We work to bring health equity to them.

Nurse Jobs in Correctional Facilities - Centurion Health

Higher Risk

Individuals with a history with history of criminal justice interactions tend to have more significant and advanced chronic diseases, mental health illness, and advanced dental disease. Clinicians with good skills and cultural competency are needed.

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More Trauma

Those who become justice-involved have higher rates of trauma and repetitive trauma, be it physical, sexual, emotional, or mental. Our approaches integrate trauma-informed models.

Explore Available Dental Jobs

Browse our selection of available dentistry jobs to find your perfect fit. Together, we can transform our communities for the better by going beyond patient care.

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Hours are far more stable than in a standard hospital setting.

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Your team will be comprised of some of the most kind-hearted and supportive people you’ve ever worked with.

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Every facility has an exhaustive list of security measures to ensure the safety of you and your team at all times.

Safe. Supportive. Rewarding.

There are many misconceptions about providing healthcare in correctional facilities. The truth is healthcare professionals find serving incarcerated patients to be highly rewarding. You see firsthand the impact of your service, and you leave work every day knowing that you’ve made a meaningful difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the majority of procedures conducted in Corrections?

Extractions, fillings, cleanings dentures and partials, periodontal root plaining and scaling.

What procedures are not handled in corrections?

Crowns, bridges, Veneers, Orthodontics and cosmetics

How many patients per day?

10-15 patients depending on the location and what services are being provided.

How are emergency cases handled?

We have partnerships with oral surgeons and specialty oral surgeons.

What procedures do we typically refer out of the prison?

Impacted third molars, previously root canaled teeth and difficult root tip extractions.

Is Corrections safe for Dentists?

Yes. Patients are very respectful to the dental staff. Most often the patients are in pain and grateful for dental care. Additional security measures are taken when necessary.

What does the dental team make up of?

Dental Hygienist and Assistants

Your New Beginning

Are you ready to become part of the solution to one of our greatest challenges and start a fresh and rewarding experience providing healthcare services beyond patient care, making a real and positive difference not only in the lives of your patients that impacts the health and safety of your community? Working in corrections, you will serve the needs of those who need your services the most. Whether you are a dentist, dental assistant, or dental hygienist, Centurion Health has a place for you, and we offer many flexible opportunities to meet your professional goals. Join Centurion Health today and become a member of TeamCenturion.

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