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Centurion Health Behavioral Health Jobs

Are you passionate about helping others take charge of their mental health? Whether you’re interested in behavioral health jobs or mental health jobs, Centurion Health has opportunities for you to pursue these rewarding fields in a unique setting. We offer a wide range of healthcare careers in mental health and behavioral health, providing the chance to join our dedicated team of professionals.

The Life of a Correctional Behavioral Health Professional

Centurion Health offers a range of behavioral health jobs that allow you to help those who need mental health care in a correctional setting. Licensed professionals and recent graduates can find positions for their skill sets and experience levels. From psychiatric registered nurses to behavioral health technicians, we have opportunities for those passionate about helping those in need.

Nurse Positions in Correctional Facilities - Centurion Health

Compassionate Professionals

We provide essential medical care to those who wouldn’t otherwise have access to it. In doing so, our team of compassionate professionals has a powerful impact on our patients and communities.

Nursing Jobs with Centurion

Supportive Teams

When you become a physician with Centurion Health, you can expect all of the same duties and responsibilities of a public health professional, but in a correctional setting surrounded by a supportive team.

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Be Part of The Solution

Centurion Health strives to solve the broad societal challenges that lead to high levels of incarceration. Often, it is inside a correctional facility where many people finally receive the proper diagnostic and treatment services they desperately need. The demand for healthcare services in correctional settings is high, and most patients embrace the services offered to them. As correctional healthcare professionals, we serve where our services are most needed.

Prison Healthcare Nurse Jobs - Centurion Health

A Great Need

Over 2 million individuals annually are incarcerated in prisons and detention centers across the United States. We work to bring health equity to them.

Nurse Jobs in Correctional Facilities - Centurion Health

Higher Risk

Individuals with a history with history of criminal justice interactions tend to have more significant and advanced chronic diseases, mental health illnesses, and advanced dental disease. Clinicians with good skills and cultural competency are needed.

Nursing Careers - Centurion Health

More Trauma

Those who become justice-involved have higher rates of trauma and repetitive trauma, be it physical, sexual, emotional, or mental. Our approaches integrate trauma-informed models.

Explore Available Behavioral Health Jobs

Browse our selection of available behavioral health jobs to find your perfect fit.

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correctional healthcare positions - Centurion Health

Hours are far more stable than in a standard hospital setting.

Available Nurse Jobs - Centurion Health

Your team will be comprised of some of the most kind-hearted and supportive people you’ve ever worked with.

Nursing Jobs in Prisons - Centurion Health

Every facility has an exhaustive list of security measures to ensure your and your team’s safety at all times.

Safe. Supportive. Rewarding.

There are many misconceptions about providing healthcare in correctional facilities. The hours are far more stable than in a standard hospital setting, and your team will comprise some of the most kind-hearted and supportive people you’ll ever work with. Every facility has an exhaustive list of security measures to ensure your and your team’s safety. You see your service’s impact firsthand and leave work every day knowing you’ve made a meaningful difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Centurion Health offer telehealth provider opportunities?

Most of our opportunities require the Psychiatrist to be on site. However, some programs have positions that have the option to work remotely, work in the facility, or a hybrid of both options. Inquire directly with the recruiter listed for additional information.

Does Centurion Health provide malpractice insurance?

Yes. Centurion Health provides company-paid malpractice coverage for all employed and licensed providers regardless of the number of hours worked. Professional liability insurance applies to not only litigation but board charges as well.

Is there flexibility with my hours?

Centurion Health Psychiatrists are typically scheduled Monday – Friday with no nights, holidays, or weekends. Although facility-specific, many sites allow flexibility to work a 5, 8-hour day or 4, 10-hour day schedule. Centurion Health provides a proper work/life balance. Contact the recruiter to see which options are available.

What are the requirements for Psychologist positions?

Centurion Health requires that Psychologists graduate from an accredited Ph.D. or PsyD program and hold an active or pending state license to practice in the state where they provide services. Centurion Health also allows PSYPACT licensure in applicable states for telehealth services.

What sort of diagnoses can I expect to treat?

You can expect a broad spectrum of the DMS, including disorders you thought you would only read about. Correctional mental health offers a variety of experiences that foster growth as a clinician and are equal parts challenging and rewarding.

Your New Beginning

Are you ready to start fresh and provide healthcare services beyond patient care, making a real and positive difference? Working in corrections, you will serve the needs of those who need your services the most. Whether you’re a therapist, psychiatrist, or other mental health professional, we have a place for you. Join Centurion Health today and become a member of TeamCenturion.

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