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Correctional Healthcare

Our unwavering commitment to patient care takes precedence as we navigate the unique challenges within correctional facilities, ensuring the well-being of the individuals we care for.

Introduction to Correctional Healthcare

Centurion Health is a beacon for innovative healthcare solutions tailored to correctional facilities. Our guiding principle is going beyond patient care, so we take a specialized approach that addresses the distinct needs of those within the corrections system.

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Providing Innovative Healthcare Solutions For Correctional Facilities

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A Focus on Going Beyond Patient Care

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Bringing a Specialized Approach Specifically For Corrections Systems

Patient Care is Our Top Priority

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Committed to Compassionate Care

TeamCenturion professionals are committed to delivering high-quality, compassionate care within the challenging environment of correctional facilities. Pioneering innovation, we redefine the approach to addressing the healthcare needs of incarcerated individuals.

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Innovative Solutions for Corrections

Navigating healthcare in correctional settings poses unique challenges. At Centurion Health, we specialize in overcoming these hurdles, providing practical solutions that safeguard the health and well-being of individuals within the corrections system.

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Safeguarding Health for Our Communities

In correctional settings, healthcare professionals go beyond caring for patients; they genuinely transform lives while safeguarding society’s health and security.

Explore Careers in Correctional Healthcare

Are you ready to make a meaningful impact in your community? Going beyond patient care can transform our communities for the better. View available correctional healthcare jobs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is correctional healthcare?

Correctional healthcare broadly refers to ensuring access to, and the delivery of, a broad array of healthcare services to incarcerated persons in correctional facilities (i.e., prisons, jails).

What services are provided in correctional healthcare?

Incarcerated persons must be afforded access to medical, dental, and mental health services provided by qualified healthcare professionals and services are held to similar standards as healthcare services in the community. Services are typically provided on site in the healthcare clinic areas of correctional facilities by teams of physicians, dental professionals, nurses, mental health professionals, and other healthcare providers across the broad spectrum of healthcare specialties. Services include primary care clinics, chronic care clinics, dental services, urgent care services, psychiatry, psychology, and physical and other rehabilitative therapies, patient education, and more. Patients requiring highly specialized services or hospitalization are transported to hospitals and specialists in the community.

What are the biggest challenges in correctional healthcare?

Incarcerated persons have often had little or no access to healthcare services prior to incarceration and can present with a wide range of complex needs and co-morbid conditions, making their initial contact with healthcare staff a key component to their initial screening and placement within the correctional system. The safety and security protocols of correctional facilities take precedence over all else, which can sometimes interfere with the delivery of healthcare services. However, healthcare professionals working in correctional facilities are viewed as key personnel and vital to the day to day operations of a correctional facility. Some of the biggest challenges in correctional healthcare include managing the complex healthcare needs of a large inmate population, ensuring safety and security, and addressing mental health issues.

How does healthcare in correctional facilities differ from healthcare outside?

Healthcare in correctional facilities goes beyond patient care and is part of a larger effort to rehabilitate incarcerated persons and prepare them for their successful return to the community. Many incarcerated persons have complex medical and/or mental health needs that will persist after their release, making the role of the healthcare professionals key to their long-term success after release.

Over 95% of people presently incarcerated will return to the community. The healthcare and rehabilitative services they receive while incarcerated has a direct impact on their success.

A Correctional Healthcare Company Offerings A Wide Array of Solutions

As a leading national provider of comprehensive services to correctional systems, Centurion Health offers a wide array of solutions including chronic disease management, mental health support and facility specific correctional medical services. Together we can work together as a united force for positive change, embracing society’s greatest challenges for a better tomorrow.

Beyond Patient Care

Find Out How We Can Help With Your Patient Care Needs

Ready to enhance patient care in your facilities? We are humbled by the opportunity to serve alongside you and the meaningfulness of the services you provide for the health and safety of our communities. Contact Centurion Health today to discover how our specialized healthcare solutions can meet your unique needs.

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