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Welcome to Centurion Health, a leading force in healthcare dedicated to serving special populations. We specialize in providing healthcare services to multi-site large populations. At Centurion Health, we’re not just setting the standard; we’re going beyond patient care and redefining it with excellence in healthcare nationwide.

Going Beyond Patient Care

Centurion Health embraces a philosophy beyond patient care — a commitment to whole health. Going ‘beyond’ means fostering an environment where compassion meets innovation and transcends the conventional boundaries of healthcare. It’s about recognizing the unique journey of each individual we serve, understanding their needs beyond the immediate medical context, and addressing the broader spectrum of wellness.

Proudly Serving Communities

Effective correctional health initiatives are vital in enhancing community safety by addressing physical, behavioral health, substance use matters and advocating for health education and preventive care with the population in custody. Our dedication to rehabilitation and health promotion is aimed at not only reducing recidivism but also fostering the creation of healthier, more resilient communities that we proudly serve.

About Centurion Health

Delivering Efficient Quality Healthcare Services

By leveraging cutting-edge technology and a dedicated team of skilled professionals, we strive to provide efficient quality healthcare to our patients so they can promptly receive the care they need.

Centurion Healthcare - Correctional Healthcare Company

Multidisciplinary Treatment Teams & Treatment Plans

TeamCenturion collaborates with multidisciplinary treatment teams to develop and implement complex patient care plans, including medical, psychiatric, mental health, and physical therapy.

Centurion Health Works With Local Communities

Talent Attraction and Retention

Centurion Health has a dedicated in-house recruitment team that excels in sourcing the best talent in the country and has leadership that focuses on cultivating an environment that fosters long-term relationships with our skilled professionals.

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Maximize Results through Innovation

Centurion Health goes beyond conventional healthcare approaches, implementing cutting-edge solutions tailored specifically to the distinctive healthcare requisites of special populations while concurrently alleviating demands on our security partners.

Company Reach









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Founded as MHM Services, Inc.

The company was founded as Mental Health Management (MHM Services, Inc.), providing mental health services to hospitals and community agencies.


Entering Corrections Market

Entered the corrections market to provide mental health services to the Tennessee and Georgia Departments of Corrections.


Municipal Jails

Added the first municipal jail client contract by servicing DeKalb County Jail in Atlanta, Georgia.


Centurion Founded

MHM and Centene established and founded Centurion in 2011 to transform correctional medicine to modern medicine in corrections by incorporating modern managed care practices and innovative care coordination systems into correctional healthcare with an eye towards the broader public health needs of the community.


Creating Centurion Health

Centene acquired the organization, consolidating MHM’s and Centurion’s business interest under the Centene corporate umbrella and rebranded as Centurion Health.


Own Corporation

Ownership structure shifted and Centurion Health became its own corporation.

Centurion Health Today

Centurion Health serves 11 state correctional systems today, more than any other company. We provide correctional healthcare services to nearly 275,000 incarcerated individuals in more than 325 facilities through 19 programs in 15 states nationwide. We provide services with multi-site large populations (over 20,000 active incarcerated individuals).

Since our founding, multiple state and local agencies have trusted Centurion Health with the healthcare and mental health needs of their correctional populations.

Beyond Patient Care

Your New Beginning

Are you ready to start fresh and provide outstanding care to the people who need you the most? Whether you’re a psychiatric nurse practitioner or a certified nursing assistant, we have just the place for you. Team up with Centurion Health today.

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