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Clinical Support Jobs in Correctional Facilities

Are you ready for a career that’ll make an immediate and positive impact on your patients? Centurion Health needs your help.

Clinical Support Jobs

We’re looking for bright and talented clinicians to work in a correctional setting. In these settings, you’ll provide healthcare services to grateful patients who may have previously had difficulty acquiring those services. You’ll work with a team of like-minded individuals who want to make a difference, and you’ll see the results of your work each day. There is a great deal of satisfaction to be found in correctional healthcare.

Clinical Support Careers in Correctional Facilities

Medical Health Clerk

As a medical health clerk, you’ll organize the schedules of doctors and nurses to help operations run smoothly. Through your efforts, they’ll have more chances to provide services to those in need. You’ll also help with other behind-the-scenes tasks like answering phones, providing accurate information to doctors and nurses, and recording patient information. Medical clerks greatly support medical practitioners, so they are vital to any medical workforce.

Medical Records Supervisor

Medical records supervisors are responsible for making sure all medical records kept and stored are accurate and accounted for. In any medical setting, it’s important to keep accurate records of every patient to ensure they get the proper help they need. As a medical records supervisor, you’ll also work on implementing new strategies and practices for keeping records safely and efficiently.

Medical Assistant

Medical assistants serve as an extra level of support for a practicing medical professional. On a typical day, a medical assistant will visit with patients and record their needs, administer shots and medications as state laws require, and more. Medical assisting healthcare jobs usually don’t require a lengthy amount of schooling and can serve as a great springboard for other positions in the medical field.

Medical Records Clerk

Medical records clerks are experts in tracking and recording records for all patients. They keep accurate and up-to-date records on patient procedures, medications, allergies, and more. Their records make it easy for doctors and nurses to understand patients’ needs and administer proper care quickly. It’s also the medical record clerk’s responsibility to ensure the practice complies with all HIPAA laws and ordinances.

Behavioral Health Technician

For patients suffering from a mental health disorder, illness, or neurodegenerative condition, a behavioral health technician is a great help. You’ll admit and discharge patients, observe and monitor their behavior, communicate patient needs to medical staff, and participate in therapeutic activities to help patients recover. This position typically requires a degree in behavioral health.

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