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Leading the Way in Correctional Healthcare

Healthcare professionals in correctional settings deliver far more than patient care – they transform lives while protecting the health and safety of all.

Meeting Today’s Most Pressing Social Challenges

More than 95% of those incarcerated will return to society. Our service is critical to their success.

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Careers in Correctional Healthcare

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What is Correctional Healthcare?

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Improving Public Health & Safety

TeamCenturion is a crucial component of the services that justice-involved persons receive before they return to the community.

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Doing The Right Thing

Clinically driven, modern, whole-health services delivered by compassionate healthcare professionals.

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We are a powerful, unstoppable force for positive change in the lives of those we serve.

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Search our database of available positions to get started today. Together, we can transform our communities for the better by going beyond patient care.

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Answers To All Your Questions

Corrections and the healthcare services we provide are often misunderstood.

Still Curious?

What is correctional healthcare?

Correctional healthcare is the medical treatment provided to incarcerated individuals. This type of healthcare encompasses a wide range of specialties that stretch from physical to behavioral. Correctional healthcare is administered to adults and juveniles within prisons and detention centers.

Why is correctional healthcare necessary?

Correctional healthcare provides essential medical attention to individuals who may not have had prior access to integrated medical services while contributing to the health of communities in the process. The objective of our correctional healthcare is to improve the quality of life before reentering society. Healthcare professionals improve the well-being of their patients’ lives and the communities in which they serve.

What services are included in correctional healthcare?

Correctional healthcare encompasses a vast range of medical services that improve patients’ physical and behavioral health. Inmates have access to all kinds of medical services, such as physical therapy, X-rays, emergency care, OB/GYN, dental, vision, psychiatric care, and more.

Are inmates entitled to the same level of healthcare as people outside of correctional facilities?

Yes, inmates are entitled to the same level of healthcare as people outside of correctional facilities.

What are some challenges in providing correctional healthcare?

A career in correctional healthcare is not for everyone. Providing care in this unique environment can be equally challenging and rewarding. Correctional healthcare professionals will experience the entire spectrum of healthcare conditions. Patients in correctional facilities often face greater vulnerability, emotional trauma, or lack of knowledge of their medical conditions compared to individuals you might encounter in private healthcare settings. Within this challenging environment, there are significant opportunities to provide healing for those who need it most.

What happens to inmates' healthcare upon their release?

When patients are released, they have a 60-day window to enroll in private health coverage from The Marketplace. Former inmates may qualify for special rates and discounted premiums depending on various factors such as income and size of household.

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