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Centurion Health and Florida Department of Corrections Announce the Launch of Statewide Electronic Medical Records System

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Date: 09/09/2021


VIENNA, Va., (September 9, 2021) – Centurion Health announced today, in partnership with the Florida Department of Corrections (FDC), that the company’s transition to a statewide electronic medical record (EMR) system has entered into the go live phase of implementation.

After the modernization project’s gradual go live phase, all patient records will be documented securely and electronically on one platform. Prior to electronic, all medical records were completed on paper forms. An electronic system will connect all facilities so that healthcare providers can centralized access to a patient’s records.

An initial five facilities have gone live with the EMR system. The EMR is expected to be fully operational statewide by the end of the year.

“Modern healthcare systems rely on easily accessible data and records for efficient patient care,” said Centurion CEO Steven H. Wheeler. “Completing the implementation of an electronic medical records system is one way that Centurion uses state-of-the-art technology to provide high-quality care within correctional settings.”

The previous paper medical records method had no ability to connect the dispersed institutions. The new system will connect all of the major institutions on a single platform. The conversion to electronic medical records will reduce the amount of administrative time spent by healthcare providers, enabling greater clinical efficiencies for better patient care. Other benefits include ready access to laboratory and radiology results as well as alerts to patient healthcare needs.  In addition, the FDC Office of Health Services will have access to patient health records for more efficient responding to officials and families.

“Implementing an electronic medical records system has been a priority project for the Department,” said Florida Department of Corrections Secretary Mark Inch. “I am very pleased to see this long-term goal meet its target and to begin to use this important technology. Modernizing these records will allow greater continuity of care throughout the state and ensure critical information is easily accessible to our care providers.”

The medical records system was chosen by a committee convened by the FDC. When implemented, the system will connect over 50 major facilities and accompanying annexes and work camps.


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